Get a look at Gran Turismo Sport on May 19th

gt sportBuckle up Gran Turismo fans, Polyphony Digital is finally ready to show off a little more of their first PS4 project, Gran Turismo Sport.

During their London event on May 19th, Sony and Polyphony  have a few hours of festivities lined up for their London event, including the GT Sport trailer and footage from the Pre-Season Test of FIA Gran Turismo Championship Cups.  The event begins at 10:45am PT/1:45pm ET and runs through 1pm PT/3pm ET

Check out the announcement and schedule below or at the PS Blog.

Hello GT fans! We?re thrilled to announce that on 19th May we?ll be streaming brand-new Gran Turismo Sport footage from an exclusive London event, and sharing new details about the latest entry in Polyphony Digital?s acclaimed racing series. Not only that, but we?ll also be streaming Pre-Season Test of FIA Gran Turismo Championship Cups- the Nations Cup Pre-Season Test and the Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test. We will also be lucky enough to have 9 full-scale Vision GT Cars and 2 ? size models present at the event, which is a world first!

If you want to stay in the know, make sure you watch the stream via either the Gran Turismo or PlayStation YouTube channel on May 19 at 10:45am PT:

The stream will be hosted by a mix of GT and motoring experts. Our hosts will be providing you with English commentary on the following activities:

  • 10:45am PT ? 11:00am PT: Run down of the day?s events, news and a showcase of the brand new GT SPORT trailer.
  • 11:00am PT ? 12:30pm PT: Nations Cup Pre-Season Test and the Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships [not necessarily in order]:
    • The Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test
    • The Nations Cup Pre-Season Test
  • 12:30pm BST ? 1:00pm PT: Trophy ceremonies [1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each cup]

We?re pleased to announce that we?ll have very limited places up for grabs for fans on the second day of the two-day London event, on Friday 20th May. Look out for more information soon on how to get involved on our PlayStation UK social channels and GT Planet.

Hope you join us on the stream!