Catch Bungie’s live Destiny April Update “New Things to Do” stream right now

destiny-220-headerBungie has a few special live events planned that they hope will pull players back into the Destiny experience when the next game update rolls out.

We’re sure that some of the latest game releases (we’re looking at you The Division), have possibly funneled users away from Bungie’s big release… temporarily at least. So this week’s events are laying the groundwork for what to expect from Destiny: The Taken King in the near future. The 2.2.0 update, dubbed simply the “April Update”, will feature new PVE challenges, new/updated gear, a new quest, bumped up light levels and rewards, updates to the sandbox and crucible PvP and more.

Catch the live Twitch stream, which started at 11am PT/2pm ET, right here and below.

Fingers crossed the new PvE events, updates and enhancements are worthy enough to hook us once again.

The free update is scheduled for a April 12th release. As the release draws near, Bungie has a couple of other events lined up as well, including “New Things to Earn” on Wednesday, March 30th and then “Sandbox and Crucible Updates” on
Wednesday, April 6th. Check out the official details here.

Dreadnaught Ride Along – Starts 11AM PACIFIC: