2K takes a deep dive into Battleborn’s features, systems and modes

Battleborn_StartScreen_HeroArtAs we discussed in our hands on preview from earlier in the week, there will be plenty to see and do in Gearbox Software’s Battleborn when it ships out this May.

Today, via their official blog, 2K went more in depth with a number of features and modes within the game including the challenging Hardcore Mode, the Color-Coded Teams option (which may help color blind gamers to an extent) and also provided more details for the Competitive Multiplayer, Story Mode, and the progression systems. With 25 characters in all, there will certainly be a lot to learn about the playable heroes in the game.

For those interested in the story aspect of the game, 2K has launched the first installment of their Battleborn prequel webcomic which you can check out right here.

The update also touches on PC specs, so make sure to stop by and see how you’ll fare with your own rig.

Battleborn screens, art:

We’re still kicking around the early access preview version, so we should be back with more impressions leading up until launch.