Assassin’s Creed: India Review for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Vita

Platform: PS4
Also On: Xbox One, PC, Vita
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Climax Studios
Medium: Digital/Disc
Players: 1
Online: No

I’ve yet to complete Assassin?s Creed: China, but I?m ready to jump back into it after my time with India. The classic Prince of Persia platforming style is once again present in AC India. This time the gameplay is heavily reliant on stealth, especially during the tutorial. The controls are pretty straight forward and for the most part similar to those found in AC China. The graphics seem to have been slightly improved, most noticeable in the vibrant colors.

Assassin?s Creed: India follows Arbaaz Mir in Amristar 1842, during a war between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company. From what I?ve read, this story takes place 2 years after the events in a graphic novel called Assassin?s Creed: Brahman. The game starts with an artistic motion comic cinematic introducing you to Arbaaz. If you are someone that follows the lore of AC in depth, you may want to read the novel to get a full backstory.


During my time with AC India, I was determined to play the way the tutorial intended, which is focusing on stealth. Timing needs to be precise with the platforming aspects, such as dashing between doorway shadows, or using your grappling hook to ascend a roof when the guard turns his back. I was spotted so many times in during the tutorial that I didn?t think I would make it much further without breaking something. Patience isn?t my strong suit and with the focus of stealth here, you can image the challenges I had to overcome.

It wasn?t the end of the world thankfully, because I was able to get a better grasp of the stealth by using some distraction devices that you get as you progress in the game. The funny part is the only reason I preferred the stealth route this time around was because the combat was discouraged and sometimes ineffective. Arbaaz can?t take much damage, which is a shame because the combat is smooth and one of the games most underutilized components.


For the most part, I enjoyed my time with AC: India and look forward to the final entry in the Chronicles Trilogy, AC: Russia. Based on the cover art, you get a gun which will be an interesting change for the series. I wish the combat was more of an option versus being dependent on stealth.  Either way, I would say check out China first if you haven?t played yet. There is a physical version of the trilogy that will be available on February 9th 2016 and will include a Vita version.

Grade: B