Quantic Dream reveals Detroit: Become Human for the PS4

Detroit 7When it comes to Quantic Dream’s games, most gamers at this point sort of know what to expect.

As we’ve seen with Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, David Cage’s studio is known for dramatic, story-driven cinematic adventure titles that usually eschew traditional gameplay for something they believe connects more with the players. QTEs, motion controls, whatever they believe makes the most sense for each respective game’s theme and setting. So when we first saw their PS3 tech demo with an android with feelings named Kara, we were pretty sure it would end up as a game one day. And here we are with Detroit: Become Human (or just Detroit) for the PS4.

Sure, it’s a story we may have heard before, but in Quantic Dream’s hands we’re assuming Detroit will take us for a hell of a ride whenever it launches for the PS4.

Take a look at the Paris Games Week trailer and the first screens.

Detroit: Become Human teaser trailer:

Detroit: Become Human - Teaser | Exclusive to PS4

Detroit: Become Human screens: