Bob’s Burgers joins Family Guy in ballsy Zen Studios Pinball pack

Bobs Burgers PinballZen Studios and Fox are teaming up to produce what may be the tastiest Zen Pinball 2/Pinball FX2 table yet: Bob’s Burgers Pinball.

Set to be released as part of the “Balls of Steel” pack this fall (along with the previously announced Family Guy Pinball table), here’s the first trailer for the amusing looking new table.

Bob’s Burgers Pinball Trailer:

Bob's Burgers Pinball Trailer

Order up! From the team at Zen Studios comes Bob?s Burgers Pinball, a new digital pinball table based on the hit animated FOX show, BOB’S BURGERS! Team up with the Belchers as they go all-out to make Bob?s Burgers the best burger joint in town through 15 unique game modes based on episodes of the show.

Bob?s Burgers Pinball will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Steam, iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms this fall!