Saddle up for Chocobo riding & fishing in the latest Final Fantasy XV footage

final fantasy xv 091615 001During the Tokyo Game Show 2015 festivities, Square Enix dropped off quite a few new pieces of media for Final Fantasy XV including the Dawn 2.0 trailer and their location scouting footage.

They also released some lighter fare including a video that shows off the all-important Chocobo riding and fishing activities, and a snapshot of their special TGS Active Time Report event.

Both are embedded below.

FINAL FANTASY XV Chocobo Riding and Fishing Video:

FINAL FANTASY XV Chocobo Riding and Fishing Video

ATR Snapshot from Tokyo Game Show 2015:

ATR Snapshot from Tokyo Game Show 2015

During the most recent Active Time Report (ATR) at Tokyo Game Show, SQUARE ENIX revealed further story details around two of FINAL FANTASY XV’s major characters, King Regis and the courageous Luna. New gameplay video was also revealed at TGS 2015, giving players a glimpse of the series? favorite feathered mount, the chocobo, as well as the dynamics of the new fishing system.

Players looking for additional information about FINAL FANTASY XV can tune into the next ATR, slated to take place at the end of the year, which will reveal details around the powerful and menacing Empire of Niflheim.

Lastly, FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 ONLINE for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and Windows PC was also announced at the show. Revisiting the familiar world of Orience, the game is set in a parallel world to FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 and will feature multiplayer online, action-RPG gameplay. The game is currently in development and is slated to launch in Japan in 2016. The title?s availability for North America and Europe is currently under consideration.