NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am for PS4, Xbox One launching for free next month

NBA LIVE 16 Pro Am ScreenshotEA Sports really wants you to try out this year’s NBA Live installment for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Instead of just offering a simple NBA Live 16 demo, next month EA is releasing a pair of online modes (LIVE Run and Summer Circuit), a Tip Off exhibition mode and the Learn LIVE tutorials.

Have a look at the new Live Pro-Am Reveal trailer showing off the action.

NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am Reveal Trailer | The Summer Never Ends:

NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am Reveal Trailer | The Summer Never Ends

NBA Live 16 hits the PS4 and Xbox One on September 29th.

Today Electronic Arts Inc. announced NBA LIVE 16 is bringing basketball fans new ways to compete online with the introduction of LIVE Pro-Am. LIVE Pro-Am features two all-new fun and exciting online modes, LIVE Run and Summer Circuit.   First off is LIVE Run, giving players a smooth and stable online pick-up game with up to nine friends on storied courts like Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Jordan Terminal 23 and more. Joining LIVE Run is the brand new Summer Circuit, an online co-op mode where players will travel across North America squaring off against NBA superstars on a journey to dominate the court. LIVE Pro-Am will be available to try for free starting Sept. 15 via download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

At the heart of LIVE Pro-Am is you. Use your created player across LIVE Run, Summer Circuit and the Rising Star career mode. Playing games in any of these modes will earn you SP (Skill Points) to upgrade your skills using our new progression system and RP (Reward Points) to purchase authentic gear in the LIVE Spot store. Customize your player from head to toe with the latest kicks and gear from leading apparel brands including Jordan, or get some ink from world-renowned tattooist Randy Harris. NBA LIVE 16 also introduces a new companion mobile app featuring GameFaceHD, the exclusive mobile scanning tech which can be used to quickly and easily scan your face and upload it into the game. GameFaceHD will be available for free download on mobile devices starting Sept. 8, and all scanned faces can be used when the LIVE Pro-Am demo launches on Sept. 15. Your created character?s progression and reward unlocks will be carried over into the full game when NBA LIVE 16 launches on Sept. 29.

Alongside LIVE Pro-Am, starting Sept. 15 fans can check out exhibition-style play in Tip Off mode with six NBA teams, and the Learn LIVE tutorials, consisting of drills to familiarize yourself with the game and basketball fundamentals. All this together in a free package will give basketball fans an opportunity to run with their friends and get a head start on the new season in advance of the launch of NBA LIVE 16.

NBA LIVE 16 is developed in Orlando, Florida by EA Tiburon and will be available for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and will be available on Sept. 29 for $59.99. To learn more about NBA LIVE 16, visit