Iron and Steel Pack for Pinball FX2, Zen Pinball 2 review

Platform: Xbox One
Also On: PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
Publisher: Zen Studios
Developer: Zen Studios
Medium: Digital
Players: Multi
Online: Yes
ESRB: E10+

Zen Studios? Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2 are pinball simulators that are home to some interesting virtual pinball machines. Unlike ?The Pinball Arcade? and other pinball sims, FX2 houses completely original designs, as well as tables that are based on existing properties. There are a few South Park tables, as well as one for The Walking Dead, and even one based on Street Fighter II. This time with the Iron and Steel pack, Zen Studios brings us a table based on their game Castlestorm, and an original design called Wild West Rampage.

Zen Pijnball_Castlestorm_11

We’ve covered Castlestorm here before, but for those who have never heard of it, it?s a tower defense action hybrid game where you defend your castle from an enemy while trying to destroy their castle in the process. In the pinball version, there is far less destruction, but the overall atmosphere of the original game is carried over well. There are nice renditions of the characters animated all over the play field and even a sequence where you can ?defend? against a hoard of Vikings coming closer to your flippers. It sort of reminds me of the Gameboy Advance game ?Pinball of the Dead? where you shoot zombies with your ball. Since Castlestorm is a Zen Studios game, it goes without saying that the fun of the original game is captured accurately with this pinball creation. Everything from the design of the field, to the sound effects are represented very well. It?s a very fun and high scoring game that will keep you coming back for more!

The second table in the pack is an original design called ?Wild West Rampage?. Unlike Castlestorm, this one isn’t based on an existing property and isn?t quite as memorable. While there are some nice scoring events here and there, the table itself is littered with far too many obstructions, making it hard to follow your ball at times. With a few missed shots and some patience, you can begin to rack up some serious scores, but beyond that there isn’t really much to get excited about here. There are a few animated events but nothing really exciting as it?s mostly just hitting idle targets. With a table so cluttered, you would expect a lot of special events like in the Marvel tables offer, but sadly much of the table is stationary. It?s not an awful table, but not one of the better efforts by Zen.

Zen Pijnball_Western_19

Overall, the Iron and Steel Pack is an OK addition for Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2. While both tables offer something unique, you will most likely enjoy Castlestorm the most, as it?s the most fun to play. Wild West Rampage isn’t completely terrible, but it?s not one you?ll be coming back to very often. It?s not overly expensive at $4.99, and even though I enjoyed one table over the other I will recommend this pack for any true fan of Pinball.

Grade: B-