Having graduated from Pokemon, Twitch plays Halo: Combat Evolved

At the time of writing, you can currently observe the Twitch.tv stream below of users simultaneously submitting inputs to Halo: CE Anniversary.

Currently, the stream is hosting around 1000 active viewers, and they seem to have made it through the first chapter. Compared to the original broadcast catching 10k viewers within hours, these internet-controlled gameplay streams have about 1/10th the star power that they used to.

As far as actual progress, well it if weren’t for the dubious cliffside next to the drop pod landing zone, they may yet enter the inner region of Halo’s hills and continue to progress to the end of the game. Whether this will be as successful an operation as when Pokemon was played to completion, followed by a slew of other older games, has yet to be seen.

Consider it an exercise in discovering the limits of practical gameplay on a browser stream.