Xbox One price goes back to $399 on January 4th

Xbox-One-349In what seems like a very odd marketing decision, Microsoft, as they originally planned, is adjusting the Xbox One’s price back to $399.99 starting on January 4th.

The “$50 off” promotion was supposed to just be for the Holidays, but with the success they saw, you would figure it would stick around a bit longer.  Of course, it was assumed that Microsoft was taking some sort of a loss on each unit sold so (for now) they are following their original strategy.

Anyway, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and pretty much every other retailer out there still has some stock, so if you don’t want to wait for Microsoft to drop the price again, now’s your last chance.

Of course they may pull a 180 and offer it for a cheaper price again on January 5th, but who knows…