The Wolf Among Us “In Sheep’s Clothing” review for PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Platform: PC
Also On: PSN, XBLA
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

The 4th episode of The Wolf Among Us, ?In Sheep?s Clothing?, does a solid job of delivering an interesting follow-up to the fallout from episode 3. When we last saw Bigby, he was a little…well, messed up. This episode deals with the ramifications of Bigby?s encounter with the disastrous Bloody Mary, as Bigby and company track down clues leading them towards the hiding place of the mysterious Crooked Man.

All in all, I?d say this episode really delivers. There?s a great cliffhanger moment at the end, like we?ve come to expect from The Wolf Among Us, but the bits in-between are just as interesting to uncover. New locations, new characters, and a host of choices make for another interesting look at the world of Fabletown, and the dark undercurrent running through it all. You?ll make a number of choices this time around that are bound to affect future relationships with key characters, and again the writing is so strong that each choice seems like a viable path.

Screen_TheWolfAmongUs_104_Downingtown_1937I?m still vastly enjoying this series compared to Telltale?s other work, despite seeing a return to quality with the last Walking Dead episode released. I just find Bigby to be a far more intriguing character, both monstrous and likeable, and the overall mystery here is something that I can?t wait to see unravel. Thankfully, we won?t need to wait long, as Telltale has really been consistent with the releases of these episodes lately.

There?s a number of points in this episode that are worth talking about once it?s played, so I won?t go into much detail about what I enjoyed to avoid spoilers. But I did like the option of choosing locations once again, allowing a second playthrough to feel fresher than just opting for different dialogue choices. I also enjoyed interacting with characters from earlier episodes, seeing familiar faces return, and the inclusion of interesting new ones. I?m still really digging the overall visual style of this series, how grounded it seems to be in a particular time period, and how fantastic the music is when is meshes with key moments in the story.

Screen_TheWolfAmongUs_104_Greenwich_1925If you?ve been on board with The Wolf Among Us up until now, there?s no reason to stop with ?In Sheep?s Clothing?. This episode builds up nicely to the finale, with a last minute reveal that will make the wait for the last episode seem longer than it likely will be. I?m certainly looking forward to the conclusion of the series, and have a feeling that Bigby and Fabletown will be forever altered by the outcome.

Grade: A