Tales from the Borderlands first screens, new info

Tales from the Borderlands logoTales from the Borderlands, 2K and Telltale Games’ episodic Borderlands spinoff, is headed to multiple platforms sometime this summer. Beyond the initial reveal, both companies have a been a bit quiet regarding the game.

Well today we get a few new screens and some tidbits of info which sets up the story and characters to an extent.

Take a look.

Tales from the Borderlands screens:

Official game info from Telltale Games.

Listen, kiddos…

Today we would like to release the first ever screenshots from our upcoming episodic game series, Tales from the Borderlands, premiering for download later this summer.

In the first round of screenshots, players get a closer look at the upcoming series set on Pandora AFTER the events of the critically-acclaimed Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Software and 2K Games.

Featuring two playable characters, the story is told from two unique perspectives that will alternate as the story progresses. These characters include Rhys, a scheming, low-level data-miner within Hyperion who’s plotting his own grand ambitions; and Fiona, a clever and classic fast-talking con-artist born and raised on Pandora out to pull off the grift of a lifetime.

While they themselves aren’t vault hunters, both Rhys and Fiona will also come across vault hunters such as Zer0 and other characters from the world of Borderlands 2 throughout the series, as all events in Tales from the Borderlands will be part of the official Borderlands story canon.