Harmonix is kickstarting a PS3 and PS4 version of Amplitude

Amplitude-logoHarmonix Music Systems today has revealed their intentions of kickstarting a PS3 and PS4 reboot of their classic PS2 music-rhythm action game, Amplitude.

Amplitude was a pretty groundbreaking PlayStation 2 release back in 2003 and very much served as the precursor to Guitar Hero, Rock Band and whatnot. It was also an awesome game with a great soundtrack, so they are interested in seeing how fans react to this Kickstarter campaign.

They are looking for at least $775K to get this project going, and with 2,400 backers and $7,100+ pledges so far, they may be on their way.

Check out the video preview and concept art they’be put together for the project, below.

Amplitude Kickstarter preview:

Amplitude concept art:
amplitude 1

amplitude 2