First screens for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – “In Sheep’s Clothing”

wolf-among-us-logoTelltale Games is obviously super busy working on a few projects at the same time, so when we get a glimpse of a new episode from any of their series, we’re usually pretty happy campers.

So today we have the first selection of screens for the 4th episode of The Wolf Among Us, titled “In Sheep’s Clothing”. This is the second to last episode in this season, so you know something dramatic is gonna go down.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – “In Sheep’s Clothing” screens:

We don’t have an actual release date yet, though The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 should be available for most platforms in the near future.

Today we would like to share the 1st screenshots for ‘In Sheep’s Clothing,’ the fourth episode in the critically-acclaimed series ‘The Wolf Among Us,’ based on Bill Willingham’s award-winning comic book series ‘FABLES’ and licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Has the Wolf met his match? Beaten and bloody, Bigby is confronted by the realization that a society built on secrets is ripe for exploitation. And that the disenfranchised of Fabletown may see his prey not as the cause of their problems, but as their solution. Constantly caught between ‘the rules’ and doing the right thing, Bigby must tread a path fraught with danger in this penultimate episode of ‘The Wolf Among Us.’