Tomodachi Life coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer


Nintendo’s wacky Nintendo 3DS Mii life sim is coming to North America on June 6th.

The super popular Japanese social experience features friends and family, and even celebrities, in Mii form who live in your customizable and ever changing world.

Check out the first trailer and screens below.

[youtube_sc url=”sBTHSY5GKKY”]

Al the details below.

Take all your preconceived notions about life?s possibilities, crumple them into a ball and toss them out the window. It?s time to star in a whole new life. On June 6, visit the outrageously bizarre island world of Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS system. Everyone you know, and everyone you wish you knew, should prepare to meet their Mii maker ? you! ? as you build a bustling fantasy population of friends, family and even celebrities, all in one wild and hilarious world. The real emotional connection you already share with your Mii characters will keep you glued to the drama, intrigue and hilarity that ensues as everyone goes about their extraordinary daily lives, evolving and interacting in unpredictable and often uproarious ways.

The Tomodachi franchise already has taken Japan by storm, selling more than 5.5 million games. Its first North American title, Tomodachi Life, is poised to stake out unprecedented video game territory when it launches June 6.Nintendo announced more details today in a special Tomodachi Life-themed Nintendo Direct. To view the Nintendo Direct in its entirety, visit

?Nintendo fans are familiar with Mii characters, but now they come to life in ways they never have before ? with their own lives, interests and personalities,? said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America?s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. ?Customization and open-ended play are two big video game trends for 2014, and Tomodachi Lifedelivers a fun, creative experience that makes you want to visit again and again, because there?s always something interesting going on.?

?Tomodachi? is the Japanese word for ?friend.? After completely customizing all your Mii characters, from their voices and appearances right down to their personality quirks, you?ll recognize them instantly. But you can?t possibly predict what they?ll do next. For the first time ever, Mii characters behave based on the personality traits you select, playing out the drama you set in motion. A celebrity might fall in love with your math teacher. Your mom might jump on stage to belt out heavy metal songs. Or you could become famous striking poses down the runway of a fashion show wearing cute and silly outfits. Best of all, you can document these unbelievable moments for posterity and share them all with your friends via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

Even your far-fetched celebrity dreams can come true in Tomodachi Life. If you have ever wanted international superstar Christina Aguilera to join you in a sing-off, or believed that she would become BFFs with your cousin or wished she would perform a song with your customized lyrics, it could happen here. The multi award-winning singer has signed on to be a part of Nintendo?s promotional campaign for the game, and her Mii character will be available at launch. Aguilera?s Mii character also will guest star in a TV commercial and in online videos that show all the exciting things that happen when celebrities mingle with Miis players know personally. The first video in the series can be viewed here: Additional celebrities involved with Tomodachi Life will be announced over the upcoming weeks.

The plot of Tomodachi Life thickens with the addition of each Mii character. As they deliver one gripping twist and turn after another, you can reward them with in-game gifts and clothes, their favorite foods or special flourishes for their apartments. Together you can further broaden your Tomodachi Life horizons by exploring the island, solving characters? problems and helping them with their needs.

Additional information about Tomodachi Life will be revealed in the future. For the latest updates, visit The game will play on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems, and will be available in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and on Nintendo 2DS at a suggested retail price of $34.99.