Pure Chess makes a move onto PS4 on April 15th

Pure Chess PS4_2We’re pretty sure that chess is probably the last game that needed a next generation upgrade. But now that we’ve seen what VooFoo Studios was able to put together on the PS4, we’re sort of changing our mind.

Best known for Hustle Kings and the upcoming Pure Pool, VooFoo Studios’ Pure Chess is a damn near photo-realistic depiction of of the game. Pure Chess is still just chess, so don’t expect any animated warriors or outrageous game modes, a la Battle Chess. But boy does it look gorgeous.

Pure Chess is set for an April 15th release for $7.99 for just the game or $14.99 for the “Complete Bundle”.

Get a good look at the PS4 version in the screens and trailer below.

Pure Chess PS4 trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”d7fepFu_THQ”]

Pure Chess PS4 screens:

Read on for the announcement.

Indie legends, VooFoo Studios and Liverpool-based Publisher Ripstone have announced today that Pure Chess will be making its move on to the PlayStation 4 Store from 15th April 2014!

If you were impressed by the stereoscopic 3D awesomeness and gob smacking HD visuals on offer in Pure Chess on PlayStation 3, prepare to be absolutely blown away by what VooFoo have achieved with the glorious power of PS4 tech – making this the definitive version!

“The team at Voofoo did such a great job on previous versions, and set themselves a high benchmark for PS4. When gamers download this new version on next-gen consoles they will experience the step-change in visual fidelity. There are moments when playing this game where it genuinely looks better than real life.” – Phil Gaskell, Creative Director at Ripstone.

Pure Chess was originally released on PS3 and PS Vita back in May 2012 and since then the title has launched on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Pure Chess PS4 will mark VooFoo’s second next-gen release, which will be followed closely this year by Pure Pool; the latest iteration in the “Pure” series.

Pure Chess PS4 will be priced at ?4.99 /? 5.99 / $7.99 but chess fans can also get their hands on the best value Complete Bundle for ?9.99 / ?11.99 / $14.99. PlayStation Plus users can look forward to some discounts at launch too!

Still not convinced? Behold the utterly breath-taking Pure Chess PS4 Gameplay Trailer – which you can check out here: http://youtu.be/d7fepFu_THQ (WARNING: contains Chess pawn and could cause mild dribbling).

Just don’t forget to ask yourself that all-important question? Are you a Grandmaster in the making?

For more information please visit: www.ripstone.com or www.purechess.com.