MLB 14 The Show PS4 footage shows off features and enhancements

Attention baseball fans, we’re only a week away from the launch of what we hope is the definitive baseball experience on consoles this season. (that would be MLB 14 The Show for the PS4, naturally) So SCEA today dropped off a new “Features & Enhancements” PS4 video as part of their MLB 14 The Show Mondays event.

It’s pretty obvious that the PS4 version plays a good-looking game of baseball, so at this point we’re keeping an eye out for what kind of depth we can expect. The initial scouting report sounds pretty damn good at this point, so we’ll see shortly.

Take a look.

Features & Enhancements | MLB 14 The Show Mondays trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”s0FVpu3eXpQ”]

MLB 14 The Show PS4 is set for a May 6th, 2014 release.