Worms Battlegrounds wriggling onto PS4, Xbox One this year

Worms-Battlegrounds-LogoTeam17’s venerable Worms franchise is headed to the next generation of consoles sometime in 2014.

The studio is hard at work on this new digital installment, which will be revealed fully in the near future. Worms Battlegrounds will apparently be one of the first self published ID@Xbox titles that will be released for the Xbox One.

Read on for the announcement.

Team17 is excited to unveil plans to release their first PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title, Worms Battlegrounds.

The veteran independent British publisher is proud to see its award-winning franchise make its debut on the next generation of consoles, having seen it already appear on over twenty-five other platforms since its introduction back in 1995.

Worms Battlegrounds will be one of the first titles to be self-published on the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox program, of which Team17 is one of the ambassadors.

Worms Battlegrounds is due for a 2014 release and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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