Toki Tori review for PS3

Platform: PlayStation 3
Also On: Wii U, 3DS
Publisher: Two Tribes
Developer: Two Tribes
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

I would not consider myself a fan of puzzle games. Not that puzzlers are bad, but they just aren?t usually my cup of tea. I ventured into Toki Tori with optimism, and left feeling satisfied by this plucky, cute puzzler. Toki Tori is a great example of how to make a fantastic puzzle game that also appeals to gamers who don?t normally enjoy the genre.

Your main goal here is to reach all of your friends (who are still trapped in their eggs) by navigating through an obstacle filled area. Your little bird can?t jump, and can?t fly, so you are limited with your movement. Thankfully, he comes equipped with tools you can use to help you through the stages. Tools like a Bridge to cross gaps, a teleported to reach otherwise unreachable areas, and a freeze ray to turn pesky enemies into harmless blocks of ice. The best thing about this game is that there is no one right way to complete a level. You have to use a bit of deep thinking to see the best way to rescue all of your friends, but if you mess up, the handy rewind feature can save your life in a pinch. I found myself relying on this feature multiple times, especially in the later levels since things can get tricky.

TokiTori PSN 1

The overall pace of Toki Tori can seem a bit slow at times, but sometimes that slow pace can help you figure out how to proceed. Just know before you begin that you WILL fail many, many times through out a level, but a little trial and error can get you through even what seems an impossible situation. There is no penalty for failing, since you can rewind as mush as you like, or even start over if you mess up really bad. There are a few different worlds to visit and some really imaginative stages to explore, but it?s relatively short and most of the game can be completed in a few hours.

The PlayStation 3 version adds a new way to control your character by incorporating the Move Controller. I found controlling little Toki more accurate with Move since you can pin point where you want him to go. This is especially handy when you are putting a bridge over a gap, as using the Controller can make little Toki fall off the edge. With move you can guide him right to the edge with no fear of falling. This is equally handy with selecting your tools needed to complete a level as you just point and click without fear of selecting the wrong tool. The Move controller definitely makes playing a bit easier and adds to the overall fun.

TokiTori PSN 2

The visuals are the very definition of cuteness overload. everything from the small animated characters to the backgrounds will hook you in and keep you interested throughout your play through. Even the smallest detail is well animated and presented in glorious HD to help you enjoy even the most unforgiving of puzzles that Toki Tori Offers. Added to the great visuals is the inclusion of 3D mode which makes everything pop and overload your senses even more. I actually found playing in 3D sometimes helped me find a solution to a puzzle that I could not finish in 2D. Sound effects are a nice blend of upbeat music and cute sound effects that all fit well with the visuals. Nothing sounds out of place and all blends in really great.

Toki Tori is a very simple, yet challenging puzzler that can win over even the biggest skeptic. it?s cute visuals may turn off some hardcore players, but it?s core gameplay is really fun. If you?ve never played Toki Tori before, the PlayStation 3 version is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the series. The added 3D visuals and the outstanding Move controls make the PS3 version the best available out of all others. Even if the pace can be a bit slow, I did enjoy my time with this one, and recommend it for puzzle fans and non-puzzle fans alike.

Grade: B+