Killzone: Shadow Fall slays us with “ultra high bitrate” PS4 multiplayer footage

Killzone_Shadow-Fall-logoKillzone: Shadow Fall is up against quite a bit of launch day competition thanks for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, but Guerrilla Games has one distinct advantage on their side: serious next-gen eye candy.

That’s not to say that its rivals don’t look great, but it’s hard to compete with a flashier sci-fi FPS from a developer known for incredible looking visuals.

To best showcase some of the gorgeous pixels the PS4 throws around (in multiplayer no less), the developer has released an ultra high quality video showing off the game in action. Don’t look to grab it off of YouTube since they prefer everyone just downloads the full HD, uncompressed footage running at 60fps.

Head on over to the official site (which seems to be getting slammed) or the download link directly to grab the ~550MB video.