Dead Rising 3 update includes co-op partners, psychos and new screens

dead rising 3 logo
Capcom today dug a bit deeper into Dead Rising 3 and released details and new screens for their Xbox One launch game.

It was revealed that Nick’s big-rig driving buddy, Dick, will play the part of your Dead Rising 3 co-op partner when a friend wants to hop in and help clear out the rotting undead hordes. Even better, both players can choose to stick together or take on parts of each chapter separately with the end results reflected in both single player experiences as well.  They can also dress in silly costumes, but that was to be expected.

Capcom also gave a glimpse of the syringe-wielding Greed, one of the newly revealed psychos. Apparently there will be human “bosses” as well, such as the biker guy revealed in the screens below.

Dead Rising 3 – Co-op, psychos and more:

Dead Rising 3 will be available at the Xbox One’s launch on November 21st.