Need for Speed Rivals is bringing personalization back to the series

EA has announced that vehicle personalization will be making an appearance in Need for Speed Rivals when it launches later this year.

As highlighted in the official NFS blog, these customizations will be unlocked based on play style and class, separately for cops and racers, and will be utilized in the online AllDrive mode. Those who pre-order the game will have access to more styles and options out of the box.

Check out some new screens highlighting some of the personalization options below.

Need for Speed Rivals Personalization screens:

Need for Speed Rivals is racing to current and next generation platforms starting in November.

Personalization in Rivals is a feature we?re excited to be developing because of its importance when playing in AllDrive. This is a new feature we?re bringing to the racing genre where you routinely encounter your friends on the open roads and will want to show off your vehicles and driving skills. With this in mind, we went about integrating personalization into the gameplay and fiction of living the life of a Cop or Racer in Redview County.

Head to the official Need for Speed blog at to hear from Lead Designer, James Mouat. Here you can find out more about the different personalization paths and pre-order offers for cops and racers including the Ultimate Cop Pack, which comes with every pre-order of the game. There are more offers available at different retailers worldwide, including the Ultimate Racer Pack that puts gamers in the driver?s seat of the SRT Viper Time Attack.

Need for Speed Rivals racing to the PS3, Xbox 360 in November, and the PS4 and Xbox One later this year.