Murasaki Baby is a unique hand-holding experience on the PS Vita

murasaki-baby-logoA ton of indie support is headed to the PS Vita, and one such indie-style game which definitely stuck out at Sony’s Gamescom conference was the Ovosonico-developed, creepy/cute platform puzzler, Murasaki Baby.

Murasaki Baby is a dark, hand drawn adventure starring a little girl seemingly trapped in a nightmare. The game will utilize a number of the Vita’s functions, the touch screen especially, to help Baby find her Mother.

The game looks quite interesting thus far, especially if you’re into the darker LIMBO style experiences.

Check out the media from Gamescom and read on for the fact sheet with all the info. Murasaki Baby is scheduled for a 2014 release.

Murasaki Baby trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”ry18sfkqzTg” width=”600″]

Murasaki Baby screens:

Developed by Ovosonico, and directed by industry veteran award-winning Game Director Massimo Guarini, Murasaki Baby is developed exclusively for PlayStation Vita as a digital download through the PlayStation Network.

Murasaki Baby tells the story of a little girl who wakes up in a weird world, populated by children’s fantasies and fears. Holding a purple, heart-shaped balloon in her hand, she feels lost, homesick and vulnerable. She wants her mommy.

The player can grab Baby’s hand with his finger to guide her through a nightmarish journey to find her Mother. This peculiar interaction amplifies the emotional bonding with Baby, allowing players to live a truly unique experience.

Unconventional and artistically crafted artworks shape the world of Murasaki Baby; players will go through a uniquely hand-drawn world of wonder. Combined with the original soundtrack, fully composed and produced in-house, the game is designed to challenge convention and move its audience.


  • Emotional Bond with Main Character – Grab Baby’s hand and guide her through a nightmarish journey to find her mother. Experience the emotional growth as her character changes over time towards the surroundings and the player himself. Interact with Baby through a dramatic, yet grotesque world made of quirky visions, peculiar characters, and unique environments.
  • Truly Original Gameplay Mechanics – Guide Baby through an unknown world full of perils and obstacles connecting with her through the touch screen. Solve problems through your interactions by teaching Baby in a completely subjective way what’s good and what’s bad. Change the mood of the game using the PlayStation Vita back touch and use the moods to help Baby and the inhabitants of her world.
  • Unique Art Style – Experience a uniquely hand-drawn art style world of marvel. The grotesque world of Baby has been entirely designed by hand on paper.
  • Original Soundtrack. All in-game music and sounds effects have been composed, created and produced in-house.