Fable Legends explores good and evil in new Gamescom media

fable-legends-logoOne of Microsoft’s surprise Xbox One game announcements at Gamescom was Fable Legends, the next chapter in Lionhead Studios’ Fable series.

Fable Legends allows gamers to team up with 3 other online and/or CPU players in the quest to become as good or evil as they wish. The game features some interesting SmartGlass functionality that changes depending on how you decide to play the game.

Take a look at the Gamescom trailer along with a trio of attractive new screens.

Fable Legends trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”H6VsmYKDuKg” width=”600″]

Fable Legends screens:

Read on for the details.

Today at gamescom, Microsoft Studios and renowned UK developer Lionhead Studios unveiled the next installment in the epic ?Fable? saga ? ?Fable Legends? ? exclusively for Xbox One. Prepare to return to the magical and mysterious fantasy world of Albion, only this time with up to three other Heroes as you embark on quests, slay monsters and discover new weapons, armor and treasure to upgrade your character with.

?Fable Legends? empowers you to play the way you want. Hone your skills in swordplay, or specialize in the arcane arts to master your magic. Play cooperatively with friends on Xbox Live, venture through Albion solo with AI companions, or create a party comprised of both human and computer allies. Switching between single and multiplayer sessions is seamless, allowing you or your friends to hop in and out whenever you decide.

?Fable? has given you the freedom to be as righteous or morally bankrupt as you want in the past, but for the first time in ?Fable? history, ?Fable Legends? gives you the chance to embrace villainy and assume the role of an evil mastermind. Playing a Hero utilizes the classic ?Fable? style of gameplay, but as a Villain, you?ll combine strategy and tactics to control an army of minions against the Heroes. Command your troops in real-time and carefully manage your minions? unique abilities to ensure the forces of evil prevail.

Using Xbox SmartGlass for your tablet or smartphone also enables several gameplay enhancing features. Heroes can use it to track game progress, learn more about quests, and more. As a Villain, however, you can use Xbox SmartGlass as a second screen for your Xbox One, allowing you to wage war against Hero players as you sit beside them in couch co-op.