Bit.Trip Presents… Runner 2 Good Friends Character Pack Impressions

Matthew already shared his thoughts on Runner 2 not too long ago, and I certainly echo the majority of his sentiments. It?s a great game, well worth buying, and displays why just about anything bearing the Bit.Trip moniker is worth checking out.

So to go along with that, Gaijin Games recently released a bit of DLC for the title in the form of the Good Friends character pack, featuring a number of PC darlings to use as characters in game. Runner 2 already has a hefty number of unlockable characters to check out, but this pack features an eclectic mix of characters that?s hard to overlook considering the low $2.99 asking price.

runner 2 dlc 002This isn?t really a review, per se, since the characters included here add nothing in the way of gameplay. Think of this as a character skin pack, albeit an awesome one. This pack contains: the guy from Spelunky, Atlas from Portal 2, the villainous Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy, Josef from Machinarium, Quote from Cave Story, Razputin from the classic Double Fine joint Psychonauts, and, uh, Invisible Commander Video. That last one actually does change up the gameplay a bit, and while not totally invisible (there?s a faint outline), it?s a character for masochists only.

runner 2 dlc 001And while these guys don?t bring any unique elements to the game, they certainly look nice and add a little more variety to the selection. Now that Runner 2 has been out in the wild for a bit, it?s a pretty good time to offer up something like this, especially if you?re still consumed with topping the leaderboards or besting your friends. I love that each character seems to carry with it unique, tell-tale animations from their respective games, seen by things like the whip cracking for attacks by the Spelunky guy, or the little dance done by Josef at the beginning of a level.

So if you?re still playing Runner 2 (and you really should be), then why wouldn?t you pick this up. It?s about the price of a double cheeseburger, and infinitely more filling. Or something like that.