Microsoft announces Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One

dead rising 3 logoOne of the bigger surprises during today’s Microsoft conference was that Dead Rising 3 was in development, and would be an exclusive title for Xbox One. Apparently it’s being published directly through Microsoft, tying this one up for Xbox One only.

Frank West is gone once again, replaced by a new protagonist set in a new city overrun by zombies, three days into the outbreak. There’s a huge focus here on more realistic settings and characters, with an impressive number of zombies on display and a more practical weapon creation system than some of the funkier combos found in previous titles.

I’m not a huge fan of this approach, assuming the campy zombie motif has been abandoned in favor of this gritty, brown hued world seen in the trailer. Hopefully we’ll see a little more about this title shortly, but I’m having a hard time getting too excited for this one.

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