Xbox Live Arcade Friday Update – Way of the Dogg

xbla logoWe’ve got another late Xbox Live Arcade update today, with Way of the Dogg from developer Echo Peak and publisher 505 Games. Way of the Dogg is a fighting rhythm game featuring Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, seen in the YouTube trailer as a mentor of sorts to America Jones, on an old-school kung fu revenge quest in this digital release.

We’ll try to get a review up for this one shortly, but in the meantime here’s the full PR, and the embed for the trailer contained below.

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Entertainment icon Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) brings his fans the latest news about his forthcoming video game Way of the Dogg releasing today on Xbox Live as an arcade game for the Xbox 360? video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Drawing inspiration from Snoop?s love of ?70s Kung Fu movies, Way of the Dogg follows the story of ?America Jones? ? the toughest street fighter in town, whose two great passions are the fight and his love, Sierra ? but when Sierra is taken from him, AJ must step up and take his fighting to a whole new level under the watchful eye of Master Snoop and learn the ?Way of the Dogg.?

Way of The Dogg features intense, rhythm-action combat matched to a selection of Snoop Dogg?s greatest hits including: ?Who am I (What?s my Name),? ?Gz and Hustlas?, ?From Tha Chuuch To Da Palace? and ? Pump Pump.? Way of the Dogg?s story mode pits players against the toughest fighters in brutal one-on-one combat. In addition, the game features highly stylized temple fight challenges taught by Snoop and two-player multiplayer modes for brutal beat downs.

?I?ve always dug old school Kung Fu movies,? said Snoop Dogg. ?Growing up in the hood, me and the homies used to hit the Palace Theater in Long Beach to watch the double feature Kung Fu flicks and come out of the theater play fighting each other, making those old school sound effects. I wanted Way of the Dogg to pay tribute to that feeling and bring that same excitement, fused with my music, to the game.?

Way of the Dogg will also be coming soon to PlayStation Network, and mobile platforms.