Life of Pixel tries its luck on Kickstarter

Life of Pixel

It’s probably not a controversial statement to suggest that Sony’s PlayStation Mobile initiative hasn’t exactly set the gaming world alight. Nor is overstating things to say that game developers participating in PSM aren’t seeing huge returns on their investments. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some PlayStation Mobile developers are seeing if their games might have futures outside of PlayStation Mobile.

Developers like Super Icon, whose retro-gaming love letter Life of Pixel has received plenty of praise, but not very many sales. In a bid to remedy the situation, they’ve turned to Kickstarter, in the hopes that donations will help them bring the game over to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. They’ve also promised to expand the game to include 16 new levels, new sound effects and music, more enemies, leaderboards, DLC, achievements and an interactive history of retro gaming. (This last one makes more sense if you know that Life of Pixel is a journey through the first decade or so of home consoles.)

Unfortunately for Super Icon, their Kickstarter campaign isn’t going so well. Just over one week in, they’ve only attracted 42 backers who have pledged a total of around $1,500 — not nothing, of course, but nowhere near the $15,000 they’re hoping to raise, especially since they have less than three weeks left to meet their target.

Click after the jump to see Life of Pixel’s trailer and some screenshots, along with the official press release. And, of course, head over to their Kickstarter to throw a few dollars their way, because — as a forthcoming review of the game will attest — Life of Pixel is definitely worth more attention than it’s received so far.

Life of Pixel trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”XxxItLcDOOs” width=”600″]

Life of Pixel screens:

Which 8-bit System is Best?

Life of Pixel from Super Icon is a retro platform game dedicated to the brilliance of classic gaming machines. While it may not necessarily answer the age old question of which 8-bit system IS best, you can at least explore a whole load of them within the game ? including C64, ZXSpectrum, Atari2600, NES, Gameboy, Master System, ZX81, AmstradCPC, BBCMicro.

We have just launched a Kickstarter to raise funding to take Pixel to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Vote now to choose the new machines to add to Life of Pixel!

We have put the question out to the community to Vote on the new machines they would like added to the game ? so which of these amazing systems will be victorious!?

Apple II, Atari 400/800, TRS-80, TI-99/4A, MSX, MSX2, Intellivision, Vectrex or Wonderswan.

Early pointers suggest MSX2 is a firm favourite!

Life of Pixel
Key Features:

  • Explore nine classic 8-Bit gaming machines – with more to come!
  • 72 levels of platforming goodness
  • Authentic pixel graphics based on each machine’s graphic limitations
  • Fantastic chip music soundtrack using the sound chips for each machine
  • Race against the clock, collect the gems and avoid the enemies – easy right?

Kickstarter Link

Poll Link

Press Link

Reviews/Quotes for Life of Pixel PSM version:
“Really loving LIFE OF PIXEL (aka semi SUPERMEATBOY for VITA)! Playing the Atari 2600 levels is like stepping back in time!!:)” [@davidscottjaffe] (David Jaffe- Video Game Designer/Director)
“Super Icon have totally nailed it. Everything from the sound to the graphics is spot on. Life of Pixel is brilliantly clever” [punk and lizard]
“Life of Pixel is a likeable precision platformer with a fantastic visual style” []
“the game play shines as well as the art style” []
“as someone who is more of a casual platform player and who grew up with many of the machines depicted in this game, I liked it a lot.” []
“Need a new game for your PS Vita? I recommend the awesome Life Of Pixel.” [RetroGamer Magazine]
“have an ecstatic experience” [videogamerob]
“For a couple of quid it?s a bit of a steal” [thesixthaxis]

Super Icon
We are an independent multi-platform game development & digital publishing studio who strive to create intelligent playful game titles and Apps with uniqueness to either the gameplay or content. Owned and operated by Richard and Claire Hill-Whittall, the team has developed and released over 30 games for PSVita, PSP, PS2, Wii and PC.