This Fire Emblem: Awakening developer interview is worth reading

fire_emblem_awakening_logoNintendo recently sent over a link to a newly posted Fire Emblem: Awakening Developer interview conducted by 8-4 Play, the English localization company responsible for a number of excellent Japanese to English translations for Japanese developed titles, including Shadows of the Damned and Nier, along with a host of other titles over the past 7  or so years.

This interview, conducted with Masahiro Higuchi, Genki Yokota, Kouhei Maeda, and Toshiyuki Kusakihara takes an inside look at the work Intelligent Systems put into the recently released Fire Emblem: Awakening, with glimpses into the early development stages of the game. Also included is some interesting tidbits on what went into the creation of the new Casual Mode featured in Awakening, and the debate to even include the mode in the first place.

It’s a lengthy interview and a rare look at the inner workings of one Nintendo’s longest running studios, and well worth the read for any Fire Emblem fan out there.

Feel free to read through the interview here, via the official Fire Emblem website: 8-4 Interviews Fire Emblem: Awakening Developers