Resident Evil Revelations gameplay video shows off Rachel in action

re-revelations_logoAs announced previously, Resident Evil Revelations is making the jump from the Nintendo 3DS to pretty much all current gen consoles, and the PC, this May.

Today, Capcom sent over a new gameplay trailer which shows off Rachel in action, along with some of the game enhancements. Take a look

Resident Evil Revelations gameplay video:
[youtube_sc url=”-4Vel06rTJ8″ width=”600″]

The enhanced console/PC version is headed to the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC beginning on May 21st and will launch both at retail and digitally. Pre-order it below.

More new info below.

The additions of Rachel and Hunk as playable characters in Raid Mode are just a couple of new features implemented into the console and PC versions of the game. New content previously confirmed includes: extra ?Infernal? difficulty mode, integration with, the Wall Blister enemy, and Raid mode improvements.