It’s The End of the Beginning in The Final Hours of Tomb Raider – Episode 5

With Tomb Raider just about complete, Zachary Levi visits Crystal Dynamics to chat with the developers as they wrap up their latest project.

Take a look at the episode below for everything you need to know.

The Final Hours of Tomb Raider – Episode 5: The End of the Beginning – Part 1
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Crystal Dynamics today launched the fifth in their series of behind the scenes documentaries titled, The Final Hours of TOMB RAIDER: The End of the Beginning.

In the penultimate episode of The Final Hours we head back to Redwood City, to the studio of Crystal Dynamics, where host Zachary Levi explores what happens during the last days of TOMB RAIDER?s development.

The latest video features discussions with key members of the team at Crystal Dynamics, who elaborate on the culmination of hard work required to optimize and polish the game in time for release.

See Crystal on their home stretch: the long days, and nights, are coming to an end and the finish line is in sight; stay tuned to see the second part of The Final Hours episode coming soon.

Tomb Raider is scheduled for a March 4th, 2013 release.