Is this another photo of the PS Orbis/PS4 Controller?

We are quite convinced that the original leaked photo of the PS Orbis/PS4 controller and devkit are legit based on conversations with some developers and other bits of information now spread around various sites and forums. All we needed was a second shot to make it look more convincing, and it appears we might have received one.

SquishyMuffin from the GameTrailers forums posted up this authentic looking shot of a devkit/prototype controller from a different angle.


PS Orbis/PS4 devkit/prototype Controller?

From the 2 photos, the new/improved visible changes as compared to the DualShock 3 appear to be:

  • PS Vita-style D-pad (hell yeah)
  • New concave/convex analog sticks (improvement)
  • Touch surface (could be useful)
  • PS Move LED (hmmm)
  • Speaker (WiiMote-style)
  • Audio jack of some sort
  • 2 new buttons to the left and right of touch surface (Select Start or Share/Options buttons?)
  • Larger form factor (more Xbox 360-like)

What do you think? Sony has certainly crammed some interesting looking features into the controller if this is indeed real. We’re hearing there’s a lot more to the controller than meets the eye as well, so stay tuned.

We’ll be attending the PlayStation Meeting next Wednesday in NYC and hopefully we’ll get to hold one of these in our hands at that time.