New Urban Trial Freestyle screens show off explosive, physics-based PS3 and PS Vita stunt bike action

The Trials HD series is unfortunately still exclusive to the Xbox 360, so PlayStation and Nintendo gamers have had to sit patiently and wait for a worthy alternative. And that’s where Tate Interactive’s Urban Trial Freestyle hopefully comes in.

Urban Trial Freestyle is in development and scheduled for a digital release on the PS3, PS Vita and 3DS, and it looks like it very well may give Trials HD a run for its money.

Take a look at the latest screens of the PSN and PS Vita versions in action.

Urban Trial Freestyle screens:

Urban Trial Freestyle will have you racing against the clock, while performing radical stunts, across five varied 3D urban environments – in pursuit of the perfect score. The physics-based motorcycle racing game?s gritty setting with dynamic environments offer a re-imagining of the massively popular action bike racer genre.

The new game-play trailer showcases Urban Trial Freestyle?s epic backgrounds, detailed graphics and innovative physics-engine. Watch as riders perform edgy and dangerous stunts across a sprawling city.

Urban Trial Freestyle doesn’t have a solid release date yet, so check back soon.