Let?s Fish! Hooked On for PS Vita snags a release date, price

Lets-Fish-logoWired Productions’ super-fun looking PS Vita fishing title finally has a release date and price, and as promised, it’ll be available before the end of this month.

Let?s Fish! Hooked On, developed by the studio responsible for Sega’s Bass Fishing series, is scheduled for a PlayStation Network on January 29th for $19.99. The game received a retail release in Japan, but will be digital only here in North America. Wired Productions also confirmed that it will have a full set of retail trophies including a Platinum Trophy.

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Independent games production company and publisher, Wired Productions, are happy to reveal Let?s Fish! Hooked On will be available to download in North America on January 29th, via the PlayStation Network. Gamers will soon be able to enjoy the PS Vita?s first full-scale fishing game priced US $19.99.

Developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape (PSP), Let?s Fish! Hooked On invites you to tackle four challenging game modes as you take advantage of the unique capabilities of the PlayStation Vita. Cast, hook and reel numerous classes of fish, earn new lures and play through 11 themed outdoor stages on your way to becoming World Champion.

Combining realistic fishing action with fast arcade style game play using the PS Vita touchscreen, Let?s Fish! Hooked On comes with a full story mode and aims to make fishing fun for everyone. Choosing between four different anime-styled characters, each with their own story line and unique abilities, players are challenged to improve their skills by competing in a host of progressively difficult tournaments in their bid to win the World Tour.

With online rankings and Trophies to collect, including the prestigious Platinum Trophy, Let?s Fish! Hooked On is a first of its kind game for PlayStation Vita that will have you hooked!

Let?s Fish! Hooked On will be published by Wired Productions in North America on January 29th, on PlayStation Vita exclusively.

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