Vimeo, AOL On Network apps for Xbox 360 now available

xbox_vimeoHave you lost track of all the Xbox 360 video streaming and entertainment options on Xbox Live? We certainly have. Well today, add another couple to the pile: Vimeo and the AOL On Network.

The AOL On Network app gives users access to AOL’s network of video content including those from the Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch and other partner sites.

The official Vimeo app is now live as well and it features HD streaming, Kinect navigation support, and the ability to create Vimeo albums and more.

Read on for the announcements.

AOL On Network

The AOL On Network today announced that its app is now available for download on Xbox 360, giving 40 million Xbox LIVE subscribers access to a wide selection of rich, high-definition videos. AOL On recently launched an updated version of its connected TV app that features ad-serving capabilities. With the addition of Xbox 360 to the line-up of supported platforms, which includes Samsung, Roku and Sony devices, advertisers will be able to access a wide swath of highly engaged users.

?Since inception, our mission has been to make the entertainment people love more amazing on Xbox?
The AOL On app will give Xbox LIVE users access to a constantly updated selection of The AOL On Network?s library of more than 420,000 short-form videos, which includes AOL original content from properties like Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch, as well as from content partners like Reuters, AP, BBC, E!, ET Online, Sugar, Splash News, CNET and Martha Stewart. With Xbox LIVE subscribers spending more and more time on Xbox 360 playing games, watching videos and listening to music, The AOL On Network?s vast video catalog is a great way to catch up with fresh and relevant content at any time.

?Since inception, our mission has been to make the entertainment people love more amazing on Xbox,? said Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox LIVE Entertainment and Advertising. ?Adding the AOL On app allows us to further this mission by creating a one-stop shop entertainment destination for users to partake in their favorite Xbox activities, whether it?s gaming, watching videos, listening to music or browsing the web.?

AOL On?s Xbox app leverages Kinect for Xbox 360 and allows users to control the app using gestures and voice commands, allowing them to ?swipe? through The AOL On Network?s vast library of professionally produced video content in order to access the video of their choice. Videos can be easily shared with the app?s built-in social functionality enabling users to sign into their Facebook accounts and instantly share their favorite videos with friends.

?Working with an industry leader like Xbox gives us the unique opportunity to expose our video content to tens of millions of new users, and significantly enhance the audience for our advertiser partners,? said Rob DelaCruz, General Manager, Connected TV and Mobile Video, The AOL On Network. ?We have always believed that our video library is comprised of truly the best video content on the web, but there?s really no better validation than when a leader like Xbox turns to us to enhance their offering with our content.?

Launched in April 2012, The AOL On Network brings AOL’s entire video offering under one umbrella and reaches more than 53 million unique visitors per month. It is one of the top 10 video platforms on the web according to comScore and is number one in content-only categories including TV, Lifestyle, Home, Beauty/Fashion/Style, Food, Education, Travel Information, Autos, Health, Maps, Pets and Tech Information.The network attracts more than 1B video streams per month.


Today, Vimeo released its new app for Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE online entertainment platform that allows Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers to sit back and watch high quality videos on their HD televisions.  The new app seamlessly integrates Vimeo’s distinct feel, function, and content with the unique features of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

“We always want to give people the highest quality tools to shoot, share and watch their videos on any device,” said Kerry Trainor, Vimeo’s CEO.  “By launching the Vimeo app on Xbox 360, Vimeo brings the joy of sharing and viewing videos on an HD TV to millions more households.”

The Vimeo app takes advantage of the Xbox 360 experience in a number of ways.  People can utilize both the hand controller and Kinect voice and gesture controls to search, browse and play videos.  Vimeo members can sync their Vimeo profile with their Xbox LIVE account for a streamlined experience that keeps them logged in, tells them when their Xbox LIVE friends are watching Vimeo videos, and lets them share videos they like with Facebook friends. Whether they want to VJ their next house party or just sit back for a few hours and watch beautiful videos, members can curate a collection of their favorite videos into a Vimeo album that will continuously play back on a TV.

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