Worms Revolution review for XBLA, PSN

Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Also On: PSN
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Team17
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-4
Online: Leaderboards
ESRB: E10+

Worms Revolution attempts to add just a little more depth and strategy to what already is a solid base for an artillery strategy game. Those familiar with the series roots should feel right at home with Revolutions, as its core hasn’t changed much. Yet, the new additions give Revolutions plenty of new toys for veterans to play with, all while being completely accessible for newcomers. Its single player reflects poorly on how fun the game can be when played with a friend or online. But rest assured, Revolutions’ tweaks and additions are more than enough to justify dropping fifteen dollars on it.

Classes are brand new to Worms Revolution and are easily my favorite addition to it. Soldiers are the all-around worms, not good or bad at any one thing. Scouts are the quick and agile worms that can fit into tight spaces. The Heavies are the slow moving, high damage dealing tanks. While Scientists allow for better weapons and a health boost every turn Deciding whether or not you want a tank team with nothing but Heavies and Scientists, or a more agile team with Scouts and Soldiers really takes the strategy aspect of worms to a new level, all without alienating new comers to the series. After the tutorial levels in the campaign are over you are free to make your team of four as you see fit. From picking classes to what type of voice you want your worms to sport there are plenty of ways to customize your team.

Customization in Worms Revolution isn’t anything fancy but it does an adequate job of making your team stand out from the rest in an online or local multiplayer match. You can change your worms head gear, add an item for them to hold and play around with during idle time and change their voice. The default voices for worms aren’t my cup of tea, but I was able to find a serviceable Australian accent that I enjoyed marginally more than the normal one. As you are constantly unlocking new head gear, items and voices, you are bound to find items that suit you and your worms.

The single player campaign is definitely the weakest part of Revolution. The campaign spans 32 levels, 8 of which are terribly boring tutorial levels that are just simply too long to be worthwhile. The regular battles that follow are better but there is far too much emphasis on using the gelatin like water to drown your enemies. The AI provides a wildly inconsistent challenge during campaign levels. Sometimes it will inexplicably skip turns when they should be able to put you away with a well-placed shot. Yet, other times will make absolutely amazing grenade throws that bounce off of multiple walls only to land directly on one of your worms just as the fuse expires. There are seven battles per world that lead up to a boss battle where the objective is to get to, and take out the top worm with only one of your worms. These boss battles are the best part of the campaign and provide a much needed change of pace and feel much more like the game’s puzzle mode then anything to do with the campaign.

Where Worms Revolution really shines is when you are sitting side by side with a friend blasting away at each other in Classic, Deathmatch or Forts mode. Forts mode puts you on separate islands where games are often longer and defensive play is rewarded. Deathmatch maps offer a multilayered, single island type of terrain where the high ground is coveted above all else. Classic worms maps are single layered, rough and uneven terrain, but offer the quickest matches in Worms Revolution. It really doesn’t matter what mode you choose, it’s just plain fun to send a little old lady to gingerly walk over to a friend’s worm only to violently explode leaving your new found enemy in shock.

Worms Revolution may not be a single player game, it may not be the best looking downloadable game on Xbox 360 or PS3, But the downright fun that can be had playing multiplayer more than makes up for any short comings in those departments. Plain and simple, if you are a Worms fan you will enjoy Worms Revolution.

Grade: B