The Continuum: Videogame-Inspired Short Films!

Get Down

Red 5 Studios, makers of the FPS MMO FireFall, have recently launched Stage 5 TV, a media channel aiming to produce content that appeals to the videogame community.  Some shows on the channel are directly related to gaming, while others are merely influenced.  For example, Project Cosplay follows Crystal Graziano as she and Hollywood make legend, Steve Wang, create new cosplay outfits.  Being that the costumes created are those of videogame characters, this show obviously relates to video gamers (or seamsters/seamstresses) more directly.  Perhaps more ambitious however is the series called, The Continuum, which showcases a new videogame-inspired narrative shortfilm every week.  At the risk of sounding lame, the stories usually involve elements that the typical gamer would think is cool (think sci-fi, guns, robots, etc.)

So why am I posting this online casino here?  Two reasons: 1.) It”s videogame related news and 2.) my brother and I were fortunate enough to have created one of the shorts being showcased by the Continuum project (Ah-HA!  You knew there was an alternative motive, didn”t you?)  Needless to say, a little shameless self promotion never hurt nobody, so I present to you, Graveyard; a throwback to 80s action movies whose battle takes place on a Es mag gut und gerne sein, dass […]Hast Du schonmal was vom Paroli Roulette System gehort? Das Thema Martingal Roulette System sollte auch dir ein Begriff sein. paintball field.  We”re talking 80s action movie cliches, gloriously cheesy dialogue, and an ambiguously middle-eastern villain named “Vasquez”… It”s like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Counter-Strike had a baby, who then grew up to take paintball way too seriously.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”600″]

We were aiming for Stage 5 TV”s slightly younger youtube audience, so we made something that didn”t take itself too seriously… Or rather, something that takes itself so seriously that it breaches into absurdity.  The beauty about fart jokes is that people tend to absolutely hate them or completely love them, and that kind of polarity creates controversy, which then creates publicity.  Tony Montana said, “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women”, right?  Well, this is like that… yeah, just like that…

Anyway, hopefully you have as much fun watching it as we had making it.  Oh, and if you can, please share it around (not just Graveyard, but Stage 5 TV in general as there”s a ton of entertaining content up already.)