LEVEL-5 bringing Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud to 3DS eShop this Fall

As was revealed in Nintendo’s 2012 3DS eShop update, LEVEL-5 is bringing a trio of downloadable titles from legendary Japanese developers to the North American eShop later this Fall.

SUDA 51’s Liberation Maiden, Yoot Saito’s Aero Porter and Yasumi Matsuno’s Crimson Shroud were confirmed, and LEVEL-5 sent over a variety of the media for each of them.

Take a look.

Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”3uHzXeGFWZ8″ width=”550″]

Liberation Maiden screens, Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud art, logos:

Check out the announcement from LEVEL-5 below with additional details for each game.

Renowned Japanese video game company LEVEL-5, best known for their critically acclaimed Professor Layton video game series and the upcoming game Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, is bringing three of the studio?s most popular Japanese-only releases to North America this Fall via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. The three titles ? LIBERATION MAIDEN, AERO PORTER and CRIMSON SHROUD — were previously released only in Japan as part of GUILD01, a multi-game pack featuring works by some of the industry?s most respected game creators.

?LEVEL-5 is dedicated to empowering the world?s best game designers with the freedom to create the innovative games they truly want to make featuring the immersive stories they want to tell, and these three games are great examples of that strategy,? said Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of LEVEL-5. ?We are extremely proud to bring SUDA51?s LIBERATION MAIDEN to North America and Europe as the first release from the series, offering true game design and production values of the highest quality through a downloadable platform.?

Additional details about North American release dates and pricing for each of the titles will be released soon.

LIBERATION MAIDEN is a full-scale 3D sci-fi shooter created by critically acclaimed developer Goichi Suda, better known as SUDA51, from Grasshopper Manufacture, creators of fan-favorites Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and many more. Set 100 years in the future in New Japan, LIBERATION MAIDEN puts players in the role of Shoko Ozora, piloting a humanoid robot called Kamui. The game brings AAA production values to the downloadable market in an unprecedented collaboration of all-star creators in music, art, and design, including breathtaking animation by the acclaimed animation studio, bones. More information on LIBERATION MAIDEN can be found online at http://level5ia.com/blackbox/liberation-maiden/.

AERO PORTER combines puzzle elements with a simulation of airport operations. Designed by Seaman creator Yoot Saito, the player sorts color-coded luggage onto conveyor belts while avoiding mishaps and delays. Players are also able to design and share their own planes with a wide range of colors and patterns.

CRIMSON SHROUD was created by game designer, Yasumi Matsuno, whose previous works include industry cornerstones such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Tactics Ogre. CRIMSON SHROUD is a new RPG that reimagines the table top RPG, and puts the power of the dice in the player?s hands to determine their fates.