Help Wanted! Gaming Age is looking for reviewers

Gaming Age is a volunteer-driven videogame site with a staff who, at the moment, doesn’t quite have the time to keep up with each and every new release. We tend to concentrate on higher profile console, handheld and PC releases, both retail and digital, but we’re looking to expand somewhat to cover even more digital releases and possibly mobile titles.

So… we’re looking for some volunteer writers to help out! On a weekly basis, there are many XBLA, PSN and Steam titles that slip through the cracks and we definitely need a reviewer or two who can help pick up that slack. If you fancy yourself a decent writer and currently have time to dedicate to playing and reviewing an assortment of new releases (good, bad and ugly), drop us a line.

A love of videogames and access to a PS3, Xbox 360 and decent gaming PC are a must. The ability to cover PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii games would also be nice. Interest in iOS and Android games are a plus.

To apply, please contact Jim at with a bit of information about yourself, along with a writing sample of some sort (a link, doc, whatever is fine).