Watch Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory, land live on your Xbox 360 this weekend

Even though I’ll have to stay up until 1:31am on Monday morning (on a work day no less) to watch the Mars Science Laboratory, a.k.a. the Curiosity Rover, hopefully land safely on Mars, it’s an event that anyone interested in space,  astronomy or just plain awesome things probably shouldn’t miss.

For those who want to watch the events unfold live on your TV (as opposed to a computer screen), there aren’t many options available. Thankfully Microsoft has announced that they will be streaming the landing live via the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. All you need to do is head over to the Mars Rover section of the dashboard and check it out. While you are there there will be a number of things to keep you busy including the a quiz and more facts about the mission along with the free Kinect Mars Rover landing game.

Remember, it should be touching down on August 5th, 10:31pm PDT / August 6th, 1:31am EDT. Fingers crossed that things go well!