LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel is definitely loco in this first look XBLA trailer

Twisted Pixel Games today finally released more details for LocoCycle, their, uh, very different looking upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title starring an escaped sentient assassin motorcycle. This first look trailer was revealed at PAX Prime and, yeah, the game is certainly looking pretty loco.

Take a look at these pair of trailers to see what we mean.

LocoCycle – First Look gameplay trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”0f-wN92GkE8″ width=”550″]

LocoCycle will actually feature some famous talent as well, with Robert Patrick and Lisa Foiles confirmed to be lending their voices to the game.

LocoCycle – Voice Talent Behind the Scenes trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”2-82ICYV2Jc” width=”550″]

Read on for the announcement with more details.

Twisted Pixel Games today announced definitive video proof of escaped sentient assassin motorcycle ?I.R.I.S.? Pairing demure etiquette with flawless hand-to-hand combat skills, this superagent motorcycle has been hailed as the world?s most perfect spy. Big Arms Incorporated, the multinational weapon manufacturer responsible for her construction, have so far denied all reports of I.R.I.S.?s escape, claiming her dampening algorithms would never allow her to go rogue. However, reports point to Big Arms? agents in widespread deployment across North America, and numerous sightings have been made of Big Arms? first generation combat motorcycle, S.P.I.K.E., said to be in hot pursuit.

This year?s PAX will offer the first look at Lococycle, the latest creation of Twisted Pixel Games and the story of a deadly assassin motorcycle?s search for freedom. Gameplay footage is set to be revealed for the first time, along with an unveiling of the real-life motorcycles that were built for the project.

Painstakingly handcrafted by a partnership between Austin?s Southern Metal Choppers and the Hollywood craftsmen at Legacy Effects (formerly Stan Winston Studios), the full sized motorcycles weigh over 600 lbs each and took over four months to build. The two motorcycles are marvels of construction, with I.R.I.S. featuring a fully programmable light array containing over 100 LEDs. Each bike was created with custom fabricated molds and metalwork, then meticulously painted by hand. I.R.I.S. is over eight feet long, while S.P.I.K.E. stretches to over nine feet. Though the bikes are fully powered, they can only be ridden where the law can?t reach.

Twisted Pixel?s third major announcement is of the voice talents for the two motorcycles. I.R.I.S. will be voiced by Lisa Foiles, star of Nickelodeon?s All That and Disney Channel?s Even Stevens. I.R.I.S.?s arch nemesis, S.P.I.K.E, will be voiced by Robert Patrick, known for his breakout role as the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), and continued work in over 100 titles, including the upcoming Warner Bros film Gangster Squad opposite Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn and the new ABC series Last Resort.

Twisted Pixel Games will be in booth #3012 at PAX, showcasing not only Lococycle but also hosting special contests and demos for their most popular hits. New merchandise, live performances, and the ?Twisted Pixel Variety Hour? panel on Sunday round out Twisted Pixel?s contribution to this year?s Penny Arcade Expo.