Epic Games reveals new Fortnite details and screens

It’s a pretty safe bet that zombie and/or survival games will never, ever lose their appeal. As long as developers find new and interesting ways to utilize the potentially undead, they will continue to be a videogame and entertainment staple.

So to celebrate the beginning of Comic-Con, Epic Games has released a slew of new media and details for Fortnite their Unreal Engine 4-powered co-op sandbox survival game scheduled for release on the PC in 2013.

Check out the new batch of screens and art below.

Fortnite screens:

In Fortnite, players will explore, forage, collaborate and build by day in their own dynamic and expanding world. At night, they?ll work together to defend their prized fortress from the forces of darkness.

Attendees also received a first look at Fortnite?s building system, which is designed so that players can use scavenged materials to quickly build and renovate structures of varying materials and complexity.

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