Atlus announces Code of Princess “action RPG brawler” for the Nintendo 3DS

Atlus today revealed Code of Princess, a unique sounding Nintendo 3DS “action RPG brawler” to be released in North America.

The game, which bears more than a little resemblance to Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn (and more recently XBLA), features online and local co-op and competitive play. So yes, it looks awesome so far.

Take a look at the first batch screens and the announcement.

Atlus has also announced that those who pre-order the game at retail will receive a Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book as a bonus, while supplies last.

Code of Princess is scheduled for Fall 2012 release.

ATLUS, a brand of Index Digital Media, Inc., today revealed North American publishing plans for Code of Princess, an action RPG brawler for Nintendo 3DS with cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

Slated for release this fall, Code of Princess offers players an exciting yet unconventional hardcore experience, deftly blending fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat ’em ups and the character development and customization of an RPG. Up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play. Both modes are available locally or online via Nintendo Network.

“Developed by an all-star team of industry veterans, Code of Princess is unlike anything else available for Nintendo 3DS,” commented Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ATLUS. “Fans of action will savor the game’s combat, which is loaded with satisfying chain attacks and plenty of depth–both in terms of attack options and also quite literally in the sense that battlefields employ a three-railed design, letting players move forward and back as tactics dictate. Fans of RPGs will relish the ability to level and improve their characters, converting their gained experience into boosts for the stats that best suit their play style and tactics. This appealing amalgam of game designs is wrapped in a beautiful package, boasting lovingly rendered and animated characters and eye-catching flurries of punches and kicks. With something for virtually every kind of old-school gamer and with an esteemed pedigree to draw upon, Code of Princess is certain to be one of the most anticipated Nintendo 3DS games of the year.”

In keeping with proud ATLUS tradition, fans who pre-order Code of Princess (at a participating retailer while supplies last) will receive the Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book, a collection of art work from famed designer Kinu Nishimura and music from ACE’s stellar soundtrack that are the perfect complement to the game and a wonderful collectible to proudly display.

Code of Princess is set to release this fall exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. For more information, visit