Nintendo reveals new features for upcoming Pokemon Conquest

That weird fusion game of Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Tecmo Koei/Omega Force’s long-running Dynasty Warriors/Romance of the Three Kingdoms is looming close on the horizon, and so Nintendo shot over some new information regarding Pokemon Conquest today.

Details include the Perfect Link mode, which allows players the ability to link to different Pokemon encountered in the game, with varying levels of compatibility. Link up with the right Pokemon to get a Perfect Link, resulting in a more powerful Pokemon.

Besides the Perfect Link feature, players can expect the same evolution system seen in previous games, allowing you to change up your base Pokemon into more powerful versions. A similar feature will be used for the Warlord characters, allowing to turn into more powerful Warlords. There’s also a little info given on how the story plays out, detailing that the game is divided into a series of episodes with unique goals.

For more information, check out the full press release below.

Nintendo Reveals Perfect Link and Other Fun New Features for Pok?mon Conquest

May 30, 2012

Nintendo has revealed even more details about the new features available in Pok?mon Conquest, launching for the Nintendo DS family of systems on June 18. In Pok?mon Conquest, players will explore the Ransei region and interact with Pok?mon in an entirely new way as they take on the role of a young Warlord who is linked with a Pok?mon. Together they must set out to recruit Warrior allies to strengthen their growing kingdom. Developed by TECMO KOEI GAMES Co., Ltd., the game can also be played on the Nintendo 3DS system in 2D mode.

New features include the following:

Perfect Link: Players will have the ability to link to Pok?mon they encounter as they conquer the Ransei region. There are three possible grades when players attempt to link with Pok?mon: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The medal over a Pok?mon will indicate which link level can be achieved. If a player links with a Gold medal Pok?mon, that link could potentially be a Perfect Link. A Perfect Link will allow the player to link with that particular Pok?mon up to 100 percent. The higher the link percentage, the more powerful the Pok?mon becomes.

Pok?mon Evolution: Players familiar with Pok?mon video games will be excited to learn that Pok?mon in Pok?mon Conquest have the ability to evolve into more powerful forms.To evolve Pok?mon, players must use them in battle to increase the link percentage between the Pok?mon and the Warriors to which they are linked. As the link grows stronger, Pok?mon will evolve into more powerful forms. Additionally, certain items collected in the game will evolve Pok?mon. For example, using a Thunder Stone on Eevee will evolve it into Jolteon.

Warlord Transition: In Pok?mon Conquest, Warlords can also transition into more powerful forms. Only Warlords have the ability to transition; Warriors do not. Similar to the way Pok?mon evolve, Warlord transitions are based on how much a player uses them in battle. After a Warlord transitions, its stats and skills will become more powerful, and the Warlord will also have a new appearance.

Pok?mon Passwords: Players will have the ability to enter passwords that create an outbreak of specific Pok?mon. This outbreak will appear for one game turn in a training ground somewhere within the player’s kingdom. The special passwords will give the player the ability to link with powerful or hard-to-find Pok?mon early in the game. Pok?mon unlocked this way will give players the ability to bolster their army, and give players more options when going into battle. Be sure to be on the lookout for Pok?mon passwords when the game is released on June 18.

Story Episodes and Episode Distribution: The story for Pok?mon Conquest is divided into episodes. As players explore and conquer the Ransei region by playing through each episode, they are able to experience different story elements and game-play goals. For example, in the episode starring Warlord Motonari, players must collect 100 Pok?mon in order to achieve victory. Additional episodes are available to players after playing through the first episode of the game, and others will be available for download over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection after the game’s launch on June 18 (broadband Internet access required).

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