Fight! Game of Thrones combat captured in new screenshots

Focus Home Interactive this morning sent over a new batch of screens for Game of Thrones, their console and PC adaptation of George R.R. Martin epic book and TV series of the same name. This latest update shows off a bit more of the action-packed battle scenes in the game.

Intense and tactical battles in Game of Thrones pit players against merciless opponents. They will need to be aware of the battle situation at every moment or they will soon encounter their bitter fate!

Anticipating the actions of the enemy and countering their moves will be necessary to emerge victorious from combat. With a large variety of character classes, elaborate skill trees and a broad range of weaponry and armors, all players will find something that suits their needs. By planning the best tactics, they will be able to win even the most difficult battles! Discover more battles of the RPG, Game of Thrones, through the 5 screenshots released today!

Game of Thrones hits the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 15th.