Lollipop Chainsaw found its real-life Juliet

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Kadokawa Games have been super busy working on Lollipop Chainsaw, the unique zombie slaying action title starring a cheerleader. They were also apparently looking for a real-life version of Juliet to represent the game… and they found her.

The search for Juliet is over, and her name is Jessica.

Check out the announcement also.  And pre-order the game too.

We?d like to introduce you to Jessica, the new face of Lollipop Chainsaw and the proud winner of the recent ?Search for Juliet? contest! Surviving the cut out of 15 finalists and voted on by the fans themselves, Jessica embodies all the sweetness of Juliet Starling, while displaying the right amount of spice. Then she takes that spice, shoves it down some zombie throats and polishes it off with a succulent strawberry lollipop.

Jessica will be taking her role as Lollipop Chainsaw?s resident zombie slayer to the next level with live appearances at events and in upcoming trailers.