Visit Africa, the Himalayas and the Alps in the latest SSX gameplay videos

EA Sports sent over a new set of SSX gameplay videos for the week that show off the 3 new shreddable regions and environments in the game.

The gameplay vids showcase what you can expect from Africa, Himalayas and the Alps.

SSX: Region Gameplay ? Africa:
[youtube_sc url=”BTSTiw7NADs” width=”550″]

SSX?s Africa region is the most technical area in the game ? featuring tunnels that cut through the heart of Kilimanjaro, chasms filled with lava and the deadly descent of darkness.

SSX: Region Gameplay ? The Alps:
[youtube_sc url=”1hFda94HmxI” width=”550″]

The Alps feature Mont Blanc as its signature peak and the region includes an interesting array of trashed ski resorts, abandoned mines and the deadly descent of rock.

SSX: Region Gameplay ? The Himalayas:
[youtube_sc url=”mjZjMU8iwF0″ width=”550″]

The Himalayas seem peaceful as you grind across the Great Wall of China, but at high altitudes you?ll be going up against Thin Air – the deadly descent for this region.

SSX is set for a February 28th, 2012 release. Pre-order it from Amazon below and get $10 back in bonus credit.