Cuddle up with these new Quantum Conundrum “Fluffy Dimension” screens

Quantum Conundrum sounds a bit bonkers, but with the ability to access something called the Fluffy Dimension, it also sounds totally awesome!

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person-puzzler from Airtight Games and Kim Swift, co-creator of Portal, and it is set to be released by Square Enix sometime this year on XBLA, PSN and PC.

So… see what the Fluffy Dimension is all about.

About the Fluffy Dimension:

Players in Quantum Conundrum will be given access to five unique dimensions via the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device (IDS), an invention created by their Uncle, the brilliant, eccentric inventor, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Those five dimensions include Normal, Fluffy, Slow-Mo, Reverse Time, and an unannounced dimension that will be revealed during GDC 2012. With their Uncle mysteriously vanished, players must use the IDS to help them solve puzzles by controlling the world around them through the switching of dimensions. Only by altering the laws of physics and time itself can players move from room to room in their Uncle?s vast and weirdly complex manor home.

The Fluffy Dimension is the first alternate reality the player will gain access to in Quantum Conundrum. Fluffy?s effects on the world might be all pink, soft and cute but players will quickly discover that the function of the dimension just might be the hard line between successfully solving a puzzle and restarting the level.

When players engage the Fluffy Dimension, everything in the world instantly turns pink, plush and light ? like a world gone the way of cuddly and adorable cottonballs! While cute, there is also a practical use for all of this rampant fluffiness ? heavy objects instantly become significantly lighter. Players can now move, carry and throw previously heavy objects ? like metal safes ? in order to build ramps and ladders, hit switches, or even get those objects airborne for bizarrely intricate reasons. The Fluffy Dimension, in conjunction with the other alternate realities, will help players solve puzzles and continue their search for their missing Uncle through his vast manor home.