Alan Wake meets his evil double in the new American Nightmare trailer

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare looks like a worthy and creepy follow-up to the first game and Remedy Entertainment this morning sent over a new teaser trailer showing off Alan’s nemesis and evil double, Mr. Scratch.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Mr Scratch Psycho Trailer:
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Join us for a little one on one time with game?s villain, Mr. Scratch. He?s your typical fun loving serial killer that enjoys knives, strangling people and a little piece and quiet. Ok, maybe he?s not so typical, just a little deranged. Regardless, take a look and get to know him, you?ll find him strangely alluring. With Alan Wake?s dashing good looks, this evil doppelganger may look like the famous writer, but he couldn?t be more different than our hero. Making his way to Wake?s wife, this harbinger of darkness intends to put a damper on things and make life miserable for Alan Wake.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is coming as part of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party event on February 22nd for 1200 Points.

A bit more info about the game below.

Alan Wake?s American Nightmare is a standalone spin-off adventure. In it, Alan Wake finds himself stuck in an altered reality filled with dangerous shadows as he pursues his evil double, Mr. Scratch towards the town of Night Springs. Scratch, a supernatural serial killer, has his evil plans set on Wake?s wife, Alice. Wake must learn to control reality itself and unravel the secret to Scratch?s demise. The game also includes a heart pounding action arcade mode called ?Fight till Dawn? where Wake must battle and survive a full night of enemy onslaughts while racking up high scores.